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What's Solution-Focused therapy

Solution-focused therapy adopts many theoretical models from the field of positive psychology. It is considered a short-term therapeutic approach that's usually goal-oriented. It usually focuses on finding solutions to life challenges rather than solely focusing on processing problems and stressors. 

What's Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the conditions and environments that contribute to the optimal functioning of our mental psyche.

Researchers who endorse positive psychology associate individuals' internal happiness to multiple factors such as the quality of their relationships, the level of their physical activity, and their interest in spiritual practices such as meditation or Yoga.

What's the therapeutic process like in Solution-Focused approach

In solution-focused therapy, the therapist identifies one goal at a time with the client. The therapist encourages the individual to explore past successful solutions while formulating new potential ones. The therapist also avoids an in-depth analysis of the situation or the challenges and focuses more on empowering the client to apply concrete solutions while understanding the impact it can have on their future life.

What conditions can Solution-Focused therapy treat

Solution-focused therapy is used in conjunction with other psychotherapeutic modalities

such as CBT to treat:​

Coping with life changes




Relationship issues​​

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